St AndReuse

Originally a Transition project that began in 2009, St And Reuse has evolved to become a town-wide initiative. Organisations involved include the University of St Andrews, St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN), Clean and Green, St Can-drews and the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The vast majority of stuff is all collected from students donating their unwanted stuff when leaving halls at the end of the semester. Where this stuff goes afterwards depends on which group(s) takes it on.

Between Transition, Clean and Green and StAndEN, things are redistributed out across the local and University community, as well as amongst different charities across Fife. Between these groups, we collect between 4.5 to 5.5 tonnes worth £50,000. Since 2009 we have saved just under 140 tonnes of CO2e. To promote a sharing and swapping culture in St Andrews we aim to keep items circulating locally and for free.

Since the British Heart Foundation joined in 2018, St And Reuse is now collecting around 25 tonnes of perfectly reusable stuff. These items are sent to BHF shops across Fife and Dundee and sold on. The money raised from the items BHF collects go towards funding research. Wherever your donations go, they are supporting great causes!

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” – Body K. Packer

How To Get Involved


Post them on our St And Reuse facebook group for others to see.

Or, contact Transition to drop off at our weekly sorting sessions at either David Russell Apartments (DRA) or Woodburn Place.

Or, contact StAndEN and Clean and Green for drop offs at The Kernel or home-pick ups.

Or, bag it and drop it off at any of the BHF bins around town.

End of Term Reuse

At the end of every semester, during December and May, St And Reuse donation points are setup in halls for departing students to drop off their unwanted belongings.

Keep your eyes peeled for these spaces! Get in touch to find out more.

Get Stuff!

Most of what we collect is taken at our Giveaway events at the start of each semester. Events for those can be found here on on the St And Reuse facebook group.

For drop-ins at other times of the year, contact either Transition or StAndEN.


St And Reuse runs on the support of the community!

Volunteer with us at our sorting sessions. It is a great way to meet the people involved and have your say on how to promote reuse in St Andrews.

Contact Transition! Or the events can be found below.

Upcoming Events

Get in Touch

The main organisations to get in touch with are Transition, StAndEN, Clean and Green and the University’s Environment Team. Or the Facebook group where a lot of the info goes.