Go E-Bike

The Go E-Bike Scheme in St Andrews came about as a way to encourage University staff to drive less and cycle more. Especially with a lot of staff moving to Eden Campus at Guardbridge, we don’t want this to add more traffic. But more than that, cycling is all round a better way to get about!

For all staff the E-Bikes are free for use up to 24hrs. If you are a member of staff, what are you waiting for?!

What to do now?

1. Sign up for a one hour Go E-Bike induction!

PDMS E-Bike Sign Up

2. Download App-Bike on your smart phone, it is free.

3. Select Corporate Rate payment option in the app.

4. To book a bike: Select University of St Andrews and touch the location pin icon to see available bikes at each store

5. Touch the bike icon to rent or reserve a bike

6. Scan the QR code on the bike to start renting

7. Return to base when finished. Log bike back