Rent a Bike

**This service is running at a limited capacity dues to Covid-19. Please read all instructions carefully before booking **

Did you know that one of the largest barriers to cycling is access to affordable bikes? At Bike Pool we aim to address this by running a long term, low cost rental scheme for our fleet of 100+ unique refurbished bikes. Rent a bike of your choice for as long as you require (up to 12 months) then simply return it to us hassle free. We will also support you with ongoing maintenance and training!

Please note that due to Covid-19 we have a limited selection of bikes readily available, if you cannot find a suitable size then please email us for further assistance.

See below for more information and FAQs.

How to Rent a Bike

Follow these steps to get started!

  1. Click on the MyTurn button below
  2. Read the instructions and information carefully
  3. Set up an account and verify it through your email
  4. Add a payment method
  5. Refer to the frame size guide and identify your size
  6. Browse through the available catalogue of bikes
  7. Select your bike and the required rental period
  8. Submit your reservation
  9. Wait for confirmation and further instructions via email
  10. Pick up at the specified time and location (Pick-ups will typically be on a Tuesday 1400-1600)
  11. Enjoy your new bike!

Please email with any issues or queries.

How much does it cost?

Charges are as follows plus a £70 refundable deposit:


We have a huge range of bikes.That means you can find a bike to suit your size and preference. We have a selection of fold-up, mountain, hybrid and road bikes. Each bike has been refurbished by a team of volunteers overseen by a bike mechanic expert to ensure they are safe, efficient and reliable. Bikes are categorised as 'low', 'medium' or 'high' quality. They are priced accordingly.
All our hire bikes come fitted with bike lights, a lock and helmet so you are ready to go!

In line with the £70 deposit that is paid upfront prior to renting, each renter agrees to attend at least two Bike Pool ‘Fix-It’ sessions during the period of rental; these are publicized on the ‘St Andrews Bike Pool’ Facebook page and Transition website. The Renter also agrees not to cycle their Bike Pool bike on the beach.

Guideline costs for deposit retention:

  • Loss of lock: £10
  • Loss of helmet: £15
  • Loss of Lights: £5
  • Non-attendance of Bike Pool Sessions: £10
  • General Neglect: £10

NB: Damage due to wear and tear is not charged.

Your deposit and rental charge will be paid via Transition's My Turn Account. Please register for an account via this system. All payments must be made via an online card payment. We cannot process any payments via cash, as we find it too difficult to return deposits this way.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we can only process Bike Pool rental online. Pick up locations are 7 Woodburn Place, East Sands or DRA. Please specify your preferred pick up location in the notes on MyTurn.

It is your responsibility to take out insurance against theft. We recommend that you do this this. You could do this through your home or any other insurances. These are some examples:

Please email or drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!