St Andrews Bioblitz

** Due to Covid-19 the annual Bioblitz has taken on a different form, The Backyard Bioblitz, as a way to adhere to social distancing guidelines. On this page you can find out how to get involved with it in its newest form. The next Bioblitz is on the 4th and 5th of June**

On an average year the Bioblitz sees Transition come together with a number of different University departments, local schools and townsfolk to survey wildlife, host talks and learn about our local nature. This takes place on East Sands and the surrounding area.

Since the pandemic this annual event has taken a new form – the Backyard Bioblitz – a race against the clock to find as many species as possible within 24 hours. The event aims to encourage citizen science and highlight the biodiversity around us.

Over the course of the event, scientists, naturalists, and members of the public will work together to identify all of the species we can find out our windows, in our gardens, or in our neighbourhoods.

Identifying and learning about the wildlife around us is a great way to connect with nature and start to care for it. Together we can support our friendly neighbourhood bugs, birds and mammals.

Bioblitz 2016 Film

How to Get Involved

1) Participate

Upload picture observations of any wildlife you find to the iNaturalistgroup – this can include pigeons flying by, spiders in your house and plants growing between paving stones.

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates on the event, further information on how to participate and tips on how you can support biodiversity from home.

2) Volunteer

Along with participants, we always appreciate a helping hand – we welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to get in touch with Haley (

We are looking for volunteers to help with social media now, and to assist with the delivery of the event on the day. Over the course of the event, volunteer tasks include identifying species from the photos submitted to our iNaturalist group page, helping with social media updates and of course going out and finding species too.

Please get in touch with Haley for more information or if you would like to join the team!

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