Climate Conversations

Climate change is the biggest challenge currently facing humanity and we all know that we need to take action now.

Do you feel that our future is worth a conversation? Join a group of concerned locals to discuss the climate crisis – what it means to you and what practical actions we can all take to tackle it here at St Andrews. 

Simply talking about climate change is one of the most powerful things you can do to help the planet. It puts it on everyone’s everyday agenda and creates momentum for the much needed action in our communities.

Our sessions allow you to explore positive low carbon visions for the future here in St Andrews and helps you consider what practical actions can be taken. It is powerful stuff.

Each session lasts about an hour and a half and is supported by trained facilitators. The workshops are a part of a national series of Climate Conversations taking place across Scotland, supported by Climate Challenge Fund.

A few comments from our participants:

My expectation was to learn more about climate change which was fulfilled.

Hit the nail on the head! All extremely topical and a 5-star rating.

Great and calm presence from facilitators.

Interesting discussion topics that were structured in a flexible way.

It was great hearing the views of other people and being reassured that there are lots of like-minded people out there.

Hearing about Scotland’s plans for 2030 was really interesting.

The best thing about the session was being together, having a chance to speak and listen. One person I asked if she was coming today and she said she didn’t think talking would help. I realise it now that CONNECTION which is the important thing.

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