Research and Climate Literacy

Sharing skills and knowledge is key to the Transition movement, which is aimed at localising economy. To build a more resilient community in the face of climate change, we need to address the fact that we have lost, or never learnt, many of the skills that such a shift would require. We support this through practical skillshares, from hedge laying to quilting; our annual Bioblitz, to teach about the biodiversity in St Andrews; and Living Labs which links research with practice.

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Annual temperature increase since 1884 in Scotland
Climate change-driven fires burning up Australia, biblical floods in Indonesia, and the hottest decade on record worldwide...2020 is not even one month old and the news headlines are already sounding ...
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On Monday 2 December 2019, The Big Climate Conversation, hosted by Transition, was attended by people from across St Andrews as a consultation for our Council's new Climate Fife plan ...
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Working in Transition University of St Andrews, our job is to try and persuade folk to get out of cars and walk and cycle more, to improve their health and ...
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