Kernel urban farm and community garden

We are a community food garden and urban farm project based at the the Kernel. Our aim is to promote the health and wellbeing benefits gained from small scale intensive organic vegetable growing. The project is supported by Climate Challenge Fund and lead by Elliott Forsyth and June Imrie of the St Andrews Botanic Garden.

Drawing from the Urban Farm movement we’re adopting small scale bio-intensive techniques to help maximise production, whilst creating an effective model for organic growing which are centered on efficiency and respect for natural processes.

One of our aims is to produce fresh organic produce for targeted local charities and organisations, who serve our community.

Although we are located in the Botanic Gardens you cannot access the Kernel Urban Farm through the main grounds. You need to come on Viaduct Walk which stretches between Lade Braes Walk and Cannongate.

How To Get Involved

We provide vegetable growing workshops, hands on practical sessions which include: Urban farming methods, small scale ‘home’ growing and much more. Oh and there is always a cuppa tea and biscuits!

New to gardening? Maybe a keen beginner or even a more experienced grower? We are sure there is something for you at the Urban Farm.

We hold three open volunteering sessions each week:

  • Wednesday 2-4pm
  • Thursday 2-4pm
  • Sunday 12-2pm

Get in Touch

Email Elliott
Or call 01334 476 452

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You can keep in touch with what’s growing on the farm through Elliott and June’s blog here.