What fashion decisions you make can massively impact your environmental and social footprint. It is really impressive: 600 kgs of pre-loved clothes can reduce 22.5 tonnes of CO2 and save 3.6 billion litres of water! Not to mention avoid the poor track record the fashion industry has when it comes to worker rights.

For Fashion Revolution Week 2021 (19 – 25 April), we want to show people that second-hand is the way to go and that going thrifty can be really great fun! To do so, Transition are teaming up with University of St Andrews student group, Sustainable Style and Fife-based climate action and education platform, Big Dreams, Little Footpint.

Over the week we will be hosting a series of events from clothes repair workshops to film screenings to swap shops (if we can finally run them in person), spreading the word of sustainable fashion in St Andrews and beyond. From the 1st of April through to Fashion Revolution Week we are running a social media campaign under #PollutionIsPants.

This page is a space to stay up to date on events and find out how to get involved with the campaign.

How to get involved

1) Put on a favourite second-hand bit of clothing you own and a pair of pants on your head

2) Write down #PollutionIsPants, what your second-hand item is and where it came from

3) Take a selfie and post it on your socials using the hashtag or send it to us to post up (@TransitionUStA)

Disclaimer: If you do not fancy wearing pants on your head or writing a card to hold up, you can send us a photo with the info and we can put one together for you

Events During the Week (19 – 25 April)

1) Monday // Sustainable Clothes for Kids //

Kids grow up so fast and skip through sizes faster than many of us can buy new. Many families receive pass-ons from friends and school uniform reuse is on the up. Stay tuned to see what events are planned for the day.

2) Tuesday // Who Made My Clothes? //

Taking action often starts with a simple conversation, whether chatting with a friend, influenced by a film or hearing speakers working at the heart of sustainable fashion. Events include:

  • Film Screening hosted by Transition’s Green Film Festival
  • Panel discussion with a focus on positive social impact in fashion

More information to come.

3) Wednesday // Repair the Tear //

Get serious about caring for clothes by repairing your tears or get silly by re-jigging your jeans to match your style. Either way picking up some top tips on clothes repair can go a long way. Events include:

  • Learn to sew and stitch
  • Re-jig your jeans

More information to come.

4) Thursday // Action Around Scotland //

Taking local action is one of the best ways to make a difference. Who said inspiration cannot be found out of town? Thursday is the day we push the amazing projects around sustainable fashion happening across other universities and organisations. Stay tuned to see what events are planned for the day.

5) Friday // Trashion for the Catwalk //

Creativity and imagination can bridge the gap between feeling concerned and taking action. Amongst the local fashion groups in St Andrews we are on the hunt for catwalk submissions only using second-hand textiles.

More information to come.

6) Saturday // Undressing Plastic Pollution //

Fashion is a major culprit when it comes to plastic pollution. On the Saturday we will be running beach cleans. Hopefully with the theme of pollution being ‘pants’ and encouraging people to wear theirs on their head.

More information to come.

7) Sunday // Secondhand Styling //

Through St AndReuse, Transition St Andews is actively tackling waste and circulating used clothes around the local town and University. If restrictions lift far enough we are aiming to run a pop-up event at £1 per item. Stay tuned for updates.