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The E-Car club has left St Andrews as of October 2019 but work is underway to find a replacement service for the community.

why are car clubs really are the way forward?

1. Convenience

Owning your own car can really be a hassle – repairs, servicing and renewing insurance …always something to worry about.

But what if you could leave all of that to somebody else? What if you could walk down the street and climb into a clean, new car that has its own guaranteed parking space, and drive away?

That’s what a car club can do for you – all the convenience of a car without the stress of owning one. Just book online or by phone, and you’re sorted.

A car when you need one, not when you don’t.

2. Save money

If you drive less than 6-8,000 miles per year then a car club could save you up to £3,500 a year. Replacing a second family car with car club membership can bring even more cash savings.

A lot of people don’t notice the true costs of running a car, but when you add up the cost of tax, MOT, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking you could be looking at an average of over one hundred pounds a week!

Car clubs give you greater flexibility, charging only for the time you use the car, not when it is sitting on the drive. You can free up your budget to spend on something more exciting!

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Joining a car club, instead of running your own car, is a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint and living a more sustainable life. In one easy move, you can cut your carbon emissions, your contribution to congestion, and the clutter on your street.

In the UK, the average car owner produces over 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide driving each year. Joining a car club can drastically reduce this as car club cars are more environmentally friendly and are used more efficiently.

On top of this, one car club car replaces over 20 private cars – you can see how much that will reduce traffic jams, and free up parking spaces.

It’s a win-win situation! Why wouldn’t you?

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