St AndRe-Use Drop OffA student-led project operating since 2009, St AndReUse is one of the longest running environmental projects at the University.

How it all began…

St AndRe-use started in 2009 as part of the NPower Future Leaders Competition. The project reached the final of the competition but little did the organisers realise what an initiative they’d started.

Rebecca, one of the original founders of St AndRe-Use, now works for Transition.

The project received some funding from the competition but largely ran on the goodwill of the volunteers. During this time the project set up our collection storage up at University Hall and developed the now well-known St AndRe-Use logo.

Transition gets involved

In 2011, a newly Climate Challenge Funded Transition got the financial backing to give St AndRe-Use a little boost. The project increased it’s publicity and by the end of 2012 had increased visits to the Facebook page to 600 users. This increase not only resulted in avoiding lots of landfill waste, but was also estimated to have reduced the University’s carbon footprint by over 28,000 kg of CO2. More info on the project in 2011-12 can be found in the Transition CCF Final Report.

Running on Love

St AndRe-Use wasn’t included in the second CCF bid from Transition and as a consequence for most of 2012 the project was operated solely by the Student Committee with little more than love and dedication to reuse in St Andrews.

Back in the game

In early 2013, the University agreed to supply some additional funding to Transition to enhance existing projects – including St AndRe-Use. This meant that St AndRe-Use could really up the ante at the hall collections at the end of Semester 2 as they now had access to University vans and storage containers. This infrastructure support really showed and 2013 was the biggest collection yet, with over 800kg worth of goods donated.

2013-14 started with a bang with more than 600 people attending the St AndRe-Use big giveaway in Parliament Hall. We hope this marks the beginning of a ‘unmissable’ event in every Freshers week.

The 2013 Freshers Week Big Giveaway
The 2013 Freshers Week Big Giveaway

Where are we now?

St AndRe-Use is still going strong. A new committee is formed every year and St Andrews Environmental Network has started organising pick-ups outside of halls of residences. We hope to collect more reusable items than ever before.