“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” – Body K. Packer

How it all began…

St AndRe-use started in 2009 as part of the NPower Future Leaders Competition. The project reached the final of the competition but little did the organisers realise what an initiative they’d started. The project received some funding from the competition but largely ran on the goodwill of the volunteers.

In 2011, a newly Climate Challenge Funded Transition got the financial backing to give St And Reuse a little boost. The project increased it’s publicity and by the end of 2012 was engaging with over 600 people. This increase not only resulted in avoiding lots of landfill waste, but was also estimated to have reduced the University’s carbon footprint by over 28,000 kg of CO2. More info on the project in 2011-12 can be found in the Transition CCF Final Report.

The following year St And Reuse wasn’t included in Transition’s second CCF bid. As a consequence most of 2012 the project was operated solely by students with little more than love and dedication.

Back in the game

In early 2013, the University agreed fund Transition to enhance existing projects – including St And Reuse. With access to University vans and storage containers, the project was able to start collecting more and more.

Since then the project has grown massively! In 2015 we redistirbuted 4.1 tonnes of items to over 700 people. Though this dipped to 1.6 tonnes in 2016. But we began asking people how much they felt the items collectively were worth. The answer in 2016, £18,690. By 2017 this number rose to over £26,000. By 2018 this grew to an estimated some £50,000 worth of stuff altogether weighing in at 5.2 tonnes.

Where are we now?

Fast forwarding on from 2009, St And Reuse is bigger than ever with the following organisations also involved in 2019’s end of term campaign:

  • St Andrews Environmental Network (St AndEN) collect donated belongings directly from students living in off-campus accomodation.
  • St Can-drews collect in-date and unopened food donations from all halls of residence all year-round. This projects ramps up massively during the end of semester when students leave for the summer. The food is taken to Storehouse, St Andrews’ local food bank.
  • The British Heart Foundation (BHF) now have some 14 external donation points around St Andrews which are open to anyone to use. 
  • Barnardos pick up all donated books.
  • Dundee the Caring City are a refugee support group based in Dundee that take on a lot of our unwanted duvets, pillows and clothes to redistribute amongst families in Dundee and occasionally across the continent.

Help Close the Loop and Get Involved!

At the end of every semester we organise donation points in the on-campus residences where departing students can drop off their unwanted belongings. Saving it all from landfill! These are later sorted by a passionate number of volunteers over the summer and redistributed out over the following academic year.

The items collected are available to anyone and everyone across the St Andrews community; students, staff and local residents alike. The bulk of the stuff is handed out at giveaway events keeping it all circulating from student to student. Most items are taken on a pay-as-you-feel basis. The money raised goes back into building the project and helping St Andrews town and Uni become zero waste.

Get Involved. Declutter and Donate to Us. Volunteer and Support Us. Gain Things and Find Jazzy New Belongings.

Give Back, Get Back.