APPLICATION DEADLINE Sunday 22nd September!

Transition’s Volunteer Intern Programme is a great way to get involved with our work. We currently offer a number of volunteer positions which relate to each of our projects and each position has been specially designed to maximise the benefits for you.

Maximise the Benefits

Clear Roles

We have tried to ensure that each of our positions has a clearly defined role within Transition, including identified tasks and a named project mentor who will ensure that your time is well spent.

Enhancing Employability

All positions have been linked to the skills identified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) as desired for a graduate entry level position in the industry. If there is a specific skill that you would like to develop, your mentor will be happy to help you.

Added Perks

As a Transition Volunteer  Intern you will have access to a number of additional benefits. Our programme is part of the Saltire Awards Scheme for volunteers aged 12-25, where you can record your volunteering activities and earn rewards. As well as specialist training specific for volunteer interns, you may also be given the opportunity to attend other events and training both within and outwith the University that relate to Transition’s work. We also meet lots of interesting people all of the time and  will do our best to connect you with those who might have good advice or connections for the future.

Super Bonus

Transition’s work endeavours to work with the local community to combat environmental problems. You’d be saving the Earth and helping strengthen local ties. What’s not to love about that?

What are we looking for?

Part of the scheme is to develop skills and experience, so we are not looking for experts in any of the areas above. What we are looking for is applicants with a clear interest in their chosen position (i.e. biodiversity or social media), a passion for sustainability and the work of Transition, reliability and a bit of common sense. We would expect you to contribute at least 2 hours a week to your task in order to make progress.

How do you apply?

If you’d like to apply for any of our roles, please complete a Volunteer Application Form and send it, along with your CV, to Please note the deadline is midnight on Sunday 22nd September, with induction meetings planned for 1600-1700 on Wednesday 25th September at the Kernel but other dates are possible .

If necessary, candidates will be short-listed and brief interviews will take place with members of the Transition staff. Before candidates are offered a position they will also meet with their project mentor to discuss the role and ensure everyone is clear about what is involved.

What are the roles?

Information about each role can be found by clicking on the links below.

NA – Not available at the moment but soon to be reintroduced as a position.

Role Brief description
Garden intern To assist with gardening work at one or more Edible Campus gardens, our community food-growing project.
Garden Coordinator intern To provide contact point for volunteer gardeners with Edible Campus, Transition’s community food growing project.
Sustainable Transport
Bike Pool intern Using media to promote our cycling and bike maintenance initiatives and/or helping with bike maintenance sessions.
Sustainable travel promotions & media intern Using media to promote our wider sustainable transport initiatives e.g. Bike Pool, ECar club, Go St Andrews & LiftShare.
Bike Lights Volunteer  To assist with the practical running of the annual Bike Lights Campaign attending events which encourage students to keep safe. Plus collecting reliable and consistent data.
Community Share Projects
Skillshare intern Helping to promote and run our community Skillshare project.
Toolshare intern (advice & maintenance) To assist with the practical running of our new Toolshare project, which loans out and maintains a wide range of tools to the local community.
Toolshare intern (systems & promotions) To assist with the promotion and development of our new Toolshare project, which loans out and maintains a wide range of tools to the local community.

Energy & Carbon saving/Zero waste

Climate Conversations Intern Helping to promote and facilitate our Climate Conversations programme, which helps people learn about climate change and carbon reduction in an inspiring way.
Interhall Energy Promotions Intern Assisting with promotion of the campaign to reduce energy use in Halls of Residence.
StAndReUse, Zero Waste Intern (1) To help plan, promote and run StAnd Re-Use throughout the year; and (2) work on policy proposals to tackle waste. There is also flexibility in this role in which we will support the role-holder in exploring their own ambitions for zero waste in town.
Design & Photography
Illustration & graphic design intern Helping to create logos, designs and infographics to better promote the work and events of Transition and the University’s Environment Team.
Intern photographer & videographer Taking photos and video of the work of Transition and the University’s Environment Team.
Business & Social Enterprise
Social enterprise intern Helping us to improve and develop the business strategy and marketing of various Transition initiatives including Bike Pool, “The Tree” food hub and StAnd Re-Use.
Food Hub intern (NA) Helping to coordinate our local food retail project (“The Tree”).
Fairtrade events intern (NA) To increase awareness of and attendance at Fairtrade events such as Fairtrade Fortnight.
Biodiversity Information intern To contribute to biodiversity knowledge of the University of St Andrews.

Social media & promotions

Note. These are cross-project internships, there are also media/promo opportunities for many of our individual projects (see sections above)  

Social media & publicity intern Creating social media campaigns based around the work of Transition.
Special events intern Helping with the coordination & promotion of Transition during events such as Green Week, Green Film Festival, European Mobility Week, Earth Year and St Andrews Day.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions about the any of the roles, the scheme in general, or if you think there are circumstances we should take into consideration when considering your application, please contact You can find out more about what the programme entails by reading through our 2013-14 Volunteer Intern Scheme Report below.

Our Volunteer Intern Programme in previous years

In the 2013-14 academic year, Transition ran the Volunteer Intern Programme for the first time. Information on the Programme, including key learning and reflections, can be found in our Volunteer Intern Scheme 2013-14 Final Report.  We created this document both to improve the scheme for 2014 and beyond within Transition UStA, but also in the hope that it would provide useful advice for other community groups or groups within the University. If you have any questions about the programme please get in touch with us on

Fantastic resources created by some of the 2013-14 Interns are linked below: