REconomy in Scotland

Re-imagining your local economy

Friday 10th October 2014

1:30pm – 5:30pm

St Andrews Town Hall, Queens Gardens, St Andrews

See the detailed programme here


Like never before in Scotland, this is a time for ambition around how to develop sustainable and resilient communities. In this climate of opportunity and transformation you are invited to come and explore what it is to revision and change local economies in Post-Referendum Scotland.

This event will be built around the work already underway in Scotland. It is about sharing inspiring examples around local trading systems, supporting community resilience, social enterprise and forming relationships based on new enterprise and economic principles. There will be how-to sessions on the resourcing and developing REconomy projects and collaborative activities to build connections and turn ideas into practice based on what works.


  • Waged or Funded Ticket – £10
  • Unwaged Ticket – £5

What is this event for?

This event is a chance for people in Scotland to look at local economy, livelihoods, and resilient communities following the referendum. With this event we want to

  • support a sense of ambition around REconomy in Scotland
  • inspire budding, new and existing enterprises and community leaders through stories of success, learning and celebration
  • enable the practical development groups and individuals already working on REconomy
  • show examples, exchange ideas, explore new networks, think things differently…

 Who is the event for?

  • Transition Initiatives and other groups seeking change in local economies or communities
  • Transition Enterprises and other businesses and groups seeking to establish sustainable incomes from goods and services
  • Community leaders, NGOs with remit for community development, regeneration, engagement or enablement
  • Local Authority, regional representatives through or independent of Scottish Parliament

Format for the Day

The afternoon forms part of a 2 day Transition Roadshow and can be booked on its own or within the Roadshow program which includes local and national gatherings plus social events.

  1. Inspiring Stories
  2. How-to sessions : including “From Beermat to Business” – coming away with your next step
  3. Learn what works

Plenty of room to network and discuss ideas outwith the formal sessions.

 What is REconomy?

REconomy is about creating fair and ‘just’ communities, efficiently and appropriate using natural resources, which consider the local, national and global networks which this local community complements. The REconomy Project therefore, exists to support Transition Initiatives and other groups who want to see localised and systematic change in how goods and services are provided, livelihood earned and communities sustained. The REconomy Project helps these groups stimulate and support enterprise and build the structures, leadership and networks needed throughout this development, change and transformation of the community.