We are lucky to have a town & gown StAndRe-Use scheme which collects things from students, is sorted by students and returned to other students -all for free! From Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ to beach cleans, we have a range of projects to clean up St Andrews and make the most of our resources.


StAndRe-Use collects and redistributes pre-owned items with St Andrews. We run drop-offs at various points on campus throughout the year and redistribute these items for free at The Big Giveaway in Freshers’ week and ‘The Slightly Smaller Giveaway’ in 2nd Semester Refreshers.

We are happy to collect:

  • all kitchenware items (pans, glassware, cutlery, crockery).
  • smaller household goods (mirrors, storage boxes, coathangers)
  • small working electrical items (blenders, hairdryers, kettles)
  • stationery (ringbinders, holepunches, staplers, working pens, paper)
  • Books and Media (CDS, DVDS, games)
  • Miscelleanous goods (in the past these have included tents, a kayak paddle, champagne coolers, bicycle pumps and the two cuties below).

Major collections occur at the end of the academic year in Halls of Residences. If you would like to donate an item before that date, try our St AndReUse Facebook Page or email us at transition@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Want to help reuse in St Andrews? We are always looking for volunteers to assist with the end of term collections, social media and generally encouraging re-use.

CookSMARTER: Love Food, Hate Waste

Being smarter in the way we buy, prepare and cook our food can save you lots of money as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Linked with our Skillshare scheme, we demonstrate simple cooking skills alongside showing you how to reduce food waste and costs.

Email us or check out the Skillshare facebook to attend an event to learn how to cook using less energy, source low carbon ingredients, re-think left overs and develop efficient weekly meal plans.

Zero Waste St Andrews

We run a range of initiatives to raise awareness of ways to reduce waste in St Andrews. Join us for monthly beach cleans, crafts and furniture upcycling (linked with our Skillshare scheme), or help us reduce use of disposable cups by promoting KeepCups. Joining the Zero Waste St Andrews facebook is the best way to keep up to date on events.

Saint Exchange

Saint Exchange is a Local currency based on a Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) allowing members of the St Andrews and surrounding community to trade in goods, skills & services, creating a local economy which is resilient to changes in the global financial markets.LETS is based on a circular economy, “wealth” generated from trading is kept right here in the community and distributed more evenly, compared to the current financial (linear) system which supports individuals and companies profiting and the problems we have seen in the global financial markets.

This project is in hiatus, but if you are interested and would like to help re-establish our LETS please email transition@st-andrews.ac.uk and find more information at www.Saint-Exchange.org.uk or email standexchange@gmail.com.