Sustainable Spaces is one of Transition’s newest projects in St Andrews.  In 2017 we started work on the Kernel, a space made of two shipping containers that is situated at the

back of the St Andrews Botanic Garden.

The space is shared with StAndEn and the Men’s Shed, who have been hard at work creating an indoor space for our ToolShare library and to host a number of Skillshare workshops.

The Kernel

The Kernel aims to provide groups across St Andrews with a space where they can undertake practical projects that will contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the face of climate change. This could be tool maintenance,  waste reduction, upcycling refurbishment, food growing, and energy advice. It provides a place for group members to interact, share knowledge, skills and resources. Our plan is to create a workshop based in shipping containers that will provide a strong, secure and flexible space that can be modified, moved and re-purposed in the future if required.