Our Projects

Smarter Travel

Main Project: Bike Pool

We try to share the events, information and news surrounding all forms of sustainable transport in and around St Andrews. Whether it is walking, running, and jogging; cycling; car clubs; buses; trains; and local holidaying we have a wealth of ideas and support. Our main sustainable travel project is Bike Pool, a bike rental and maintenance scheme to support people looking to own a bike. Keep your eyes peeled, our logos are slapped on almost a hundred bikes around town.

Zero Waste

Main Project(s): St AndRe-Use, Tool Share

From our student led reuse scheme to sharing all sorts of tools and running beach cleans, we have high ambitions for zero waste in St Andrews. The aim of the game is to reduce and reuse our waste, which our two main projects try to do.

Local Food

Main Project(s): Edible Campus, The Tree

Increasing the production, consumption and accessibility of local and affordable food in St Andrews is something we’re all about. We now have a network of 14 community gardens, which are open to the public.

Our Edible Campus project teaches skills and encourages interest in growing. The Tree is an online shop that allows local producers to sell their goods at a weekly pop-up shop.

Knowledge & Skills

Main Project: SkillShare

Sharing skills and knowledge is at the heart of the Transition movement. We see the loss of many hands-on skills as both a barrier to localising the economy in St Andrews, and also an opportunity to build community. The ways in which we manage this is through:

  • Our Skill Share project which includes anything from hedge laying to quilting.
  • Our annual Bioblitz, to teach about our amazing biodiversity.
  • The Living Labs approach to academia which links research with practice.