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The Tree is a  not for profit project of Transition UStA that aims to support local food producers and encourage sustainable food choices by making local, food readily available at affordable prices. Alongside local produce we will also sell basic organic / fairtrade staples and a few goodies through regular “pop-up” shops at key sites around the town. So, not only will the produce on offer be better for the environment than your average  shop, but it will be honest, healthy and easy.

To ORDER now go to our online shop hosted by OPEN FOOD network HERE

Orders can be picked up on Tuesday afternoons from the front of the Student Association on St Mary’s.

The project has started by selling locally grown Veg bags and other dry foods with more on the way.  We will also be opening more “pop up” shops on the east and west end of town. You can stay up to date with our Facebook Group to get news as it happens

How does it work?

You will be able to “shop” for local produce and dried foods such as pasta, rice and other staples easily via our website. Once you are happy with your shop and have paid for the goods we will then make up your order for delivery to one of our regular pick up points. Orders must be placed at least 3 days ahead though to ensure we get everything together. You can see the deadline for your shop on the website where it has a count down until the shop shuts.

How do I pay

You can pay for your goods when you order them via the website using pay pal or debit card. This will help us to pay our producers on delivery for their goods and ensure pick up. You can also pay for goods a week in advance using a debit card at our sales point.

What produce will be on offer

Initially we will be offering veg bags and basic organic dried foods before developing our range as we establish links with more producers. A lot of  local produce is seasonal and this project aims to make use of the gluts seen in our food system and reduce waste.

Pricing policy and transparency

Our aim is to provide a transparent and not for profit service. To do this we will charge a small overhead on most of the products sold so that we can develop the scheme and cover its costs. You will be able to see where all the costs and overheads are when you purchase your produce.

Get involved

We always need volunteers to help out with processing, packing and selling the produce. Please get in contact with us email