The Edible Campus project aims to reinvigorate our skills, knowledge and interest in eating more locally.  By increasing the amount of food grown within St Andrews we can reduce out carbon footprint and benifit the health of the community.

Edible Campus is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and The University of St Andrews.


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Regular Garden Session

We host garden sessions almost daily.  This is where the bulk of our seasonal work gets done such as planting, weeding, mulching and harvesting.  Weather you want to come for a chat or to lend a hand in seasonal activities, find out where and when we are on our events calender.

Skillshares and Events

Edible campus aims to share our knowledge for food growing though specialised events.  We want you to learn specific garden skills as well as cooking and preserving.  

Fruit Tree Pruning

Apple pressing

Preserving your crop

How to Sow Seeds

Planting Potaotes

Get involved

Become a garden leader or simply drop by our sessions and lend a hand.  There is loads to do all year round in the gardens or perhaps you want to help support us at events or

We also run an internship program for students throughout the year who air looking to gain more work experience.

For more inforamtion, please get in touch with Andrea Roach, project leader at

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Growing and eating food locally means we use less food miles and reducing our carbon footprint – so we want to know how much food we are harvesting.  

In each garden, there is a scale and a record book, either in a shed or in a watertight box.  Please write down what you take and how much it weights.