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We are keen to improve and increase the production and consumption of local and affordable food in St Andrews. Check out our two foody projects: The Tree and Edible Campus.

Edible St Andrews

Our 15 garden spaces are open to EVERYONE! We are keen to spread knowledge of growing and harvesting local produce, so please join us!

We have regular sessions all across the town, at least 7 a week, which means you can stop by to get guidance and advice. But please also feel free to stop by any time to harvest from the gardens, even if you aren’t a regular volunteer we are keen to support anyone consuming more locally, organic grown produce. All we ask is that you record the weight of what you take so that we can keep records of how much we are producing – depending on the location there will be a log book or you can email our Edible St Andrews staff: Andrea ( or Helena (

Come along and help us dig, sow, plant, transplant, weed, and water!

Garden locations:

Garden sessions:

Check the events tab for up to date timings (occasionally we need to cancel the sessions due to weather or other circumstances).

  1. The Kernel (Botanic Garden)
  2. Community Garden (by the Observatory)
  3. University Hall
  4. Computer Science
  5. John Burnett Hall
  6. Agnes Blackadder Hall
  7. Careers Centre Garden
  8. Gannochy Garden
  9. The English Garden
  10. St Gregory’s Hall
  11. St Regulus Hall
  12. St Mary’s Quad
  13. Deans Court
  14. Albany Park Garden

Don’t forget the orchards! At certain times of the year St Andrews is brimming with a glut of apples, plums, and damsons and we’ve begun running regular apple pressing events to use up this glut. We have 2 main orchards: Old St Leonard’s orchard tucked behind the retirement flats off of Abbey Walk and Stanks Park off of Lamond Drive.  We run harvesting sessions in the Autumn and tree pruning events in the summer and winter.

Join our facebook pages or check our ‘What’s On’ in the right hand bar for notifications of events & sessions:


The Tree – local, organic, affordable food cooperative

We are delighted to have developed an online shop that allows you to purchase from local producers and pick-up weekly at our ‘shop’ every Tuesday 17:00-19:00 outside the Rector’s Cafe on St Mary’s Place. The Tree offers a range of produce from whole-sale grains, flour, oats, chocolate and sunflower seeds to vegetables and sushi. Have a look and see what’s on offer by clicking on the Tree (below)!