We are keen to increase the production and consumption of local and affordable food to everyone in St Andrews. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in the community by re skilling our knowledge on growing and consuming food.
Come and get involved by lending a hand with seasonal activities in one of the gardens, come along to one our courses at the Urban Farm or sign up for a cooking Skillshare !

Edible Campus St Andrews

Our 15 garden spaces throughout the University are open to EVERYONE! We encourage everyone to use the space as a garden and to enjoy the harvest when it is ready.  Most of our spaces have regualr sessions hosted by Edible Campus staff, a garden leader or an Environment Rep from the Hall.  Our Events Calander lists when and where the sessions are held as well as our courses, skillshares and community events.

Come along and help us dig, sow, plant, transplant, weed, and water!

Join our facebook pages or check our ‘What’s On’ in the right hand bar for notifications of events & sessions:


The Urban Farm at the Kernel

The Urban Farm has a high productive market style garden where you can learn more about food production. There are regualar sessions everyweek and courses thoughout the year.

Veg Growing Month by Month –

Come along to this informal discussion on what you can do in your garden this month. This will include a detailed list of what crops to sow, harvest, specific things to look out for and certain tasks that can be done. If you have any lingering questions or problems, here is a good place to ask!

First Wednesday of the Month at 4:30pm, the Kernel

Crop Focus

Delving into the vegetable plant families, focusing on one family per week.  Course includes practical work.

Tuesday September 24th, from 2-4pm, weekly for 5 weeks at the Kernel’s Urban Farm 

Grow at Home Course –

Detailed 5 week course for anyone looking to start their own vegetable garden. How to improve your soil, sowing methods, planning practices and more!

Starting October 29th, weekly for 5 weeks at the Kernel’s Urban Farm 

For booking, contact Elliot eforsyth@standrewsbotanic.org

The Tree 

local, organic, affordable food cooperative

We are delighted to have developed an online shop that allows you to purchase from local producers and pick-up weekly at our ‘shop’ every Tuesday 17:00-19:00 outside the Rector’s Cafe on St Mary’s Place. The Tree offers a range of produce from whole-sale grains, flour, oats, chocolate and sunflower seeds to vegetables and sushi. Have a look and see what’s on offer by clicking on the Tree (below)!