Energy Efficiency – Saving Energy, Money and Planet

Here we unearth some of the things going on in St Andrews to promote conscious energy consumption. From healthy competition between halls to personally delivered advice from the St Andrews Environmental Network, there is something for all.


Interhall Energy Competition – consume less to compete more!

If you live in a halls of residence, you are a part of a competition! By consciously lowering your energy usage you can help your hall win money to spend on your hall pre-drinks and other events. You can read more about the Interhall Energy Competition on the University’s website.

Things you can do to lower your energy footprint:

  1. Shorten up those showers. Maybe even give a cold shower a go every now and then.
  2. Consider layering up clothes before turning up the heat.
  3. Turn those light and socket switches off when you’re not using them.
  4. Be a mean, green eco-machine. Use body heat to keep warm with pushups or situps.
  5. Share spaces with others when studying, eating, relaxing.
    • For example, co-housing can add up to 31% space savings, 57% electricity savings and 8% material savings (Williams, 2005)
  6. Put curtains to good use and cover up those windows to keep in heat.


Don’t live in halls?

If you live in private accomodation and would like to receive first hand advice about your energy usage, drop the St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN) an email, They will pop round to your flat to carry our an energy audit (it’s free) and offer you tailored advice.

There are also some great sites to have a look at if you would like some ideas for lowering your energy usage:

  1. For tips on energy saving in the kitchen, read the Top Five Tips to Save Energy in Your Kitchen by the Energy Saving Trust.
  2. For loads of great tips from the insulation materials you could use to the best ways to generate your own energy, check out Building Materials guide to Energy Efficieny in the UK. Its really got just about all you need!


What else is the University doing to cut it’s energy use?

Have a look at some of the University’s projects and plans here.