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Interhall Environment Competition Over November 2019

The Winner of the first semester is… Congratulations to Deans Court for winning first place over November! They stole the show with the highest reduction in their energy consumption; the lowest food waste per person, which they share with St Salvatores; and their continued action in supporting and monitoring wildlife in their halls. In 2nd place is Andrew Melville for their efforts aRead More…

We Have the Best Volunteers!

It goes without saying that the community gardens have the best volunteers! One would think that December is a quiet month in the garden, not with our amazing team. While there is not much photosynthesising, there has been great growth in team building, friendship and good old relaxing (but productive) fun! The Uni Hall and Whitethorn teams have paired up to support each other in the gardensRead More…

Climate Fife, Is it radical enough?

On Monday 2 December 2019, The Big Climate Conversation, hosted by Transition, was attended by people from across St Andrews as a consultation for our Council’s new Climate Fife plan. This workshop on the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan was organised to raise awareness and give people a chance to submit their thoughts. In response to Fife Council’s climate emergency declaration,Read More…

A photo of Elliott and June with broadfork

It is all gone quiet at the Farm

As we near the end of the year, things are winding down at the Urban Farm and Community Food Garden. At the moment, we are busy making next year’s crop plan and its accompanying sowing schedule to keep us on track. We have taken a hard look at what worked well for us this year and what didn’t. 2019 was a successful growing season due to our planning and the hard work and commitment ofRead More…

Edible Campus Christmas Vegetables

By Isabelle Low Whether your
centrepiece is a turkey (hopefully organic and free range) or like me a stuffed
portobello mushroom, there needs to be a lot of traditional vegetables as
supporting cast. Let’s first
think of a huge tray of roasted root vegetables. Parsnips: so good
chopped length wise and roasted.  Beetroot: ideally
multiple varieties, quartered and roasted
Read More…

My Carbon Footprint

Working in Transition University of St Andrews, our job is to try and persuade folk to get out of cars and walk and cycle more, to improve their health and well-being using recycled bikes (eg. Bike Pool), to eat locally produced food instead of consuming imported food with high carbon miles (eg. Edible Campus), and despite Landfill Tax, to try and prevent items being trashed like tools (eg. Tool Read More…

Loving Leaf Mulch

This time every year we witness the leaves from the trees change colour and fall to the ground, their job of making energy for the trees to grow is over but their work does not end there. The leaves are full of nutrients and carbon which we are eager to put back into the soil. The task of raking, collecting, leaf blowing, stock piling and shipping begins. For the gardeners and veg growers,Read More…

Interhall Environment Competition

Inspiring Change Through Competition It is back! With almost two years of absence, the competition has made its comeback this year academic year (2019-20). In the past, it focused solely on residences competing against one another to lower their energy consumption. Now, the scope of the competition has widened massively. Points are rewarded to halls for taking initiative on: saving enerRead More…

How to Use all those Potatoes

By Isabelle Low Lots of
potatoes being lifted this month in our Edible Campus gardens. To keep
them  fresh for as long as possible,
clean off as much soil as you can, and let them dry off completely.  Then store somewhere dry and dark and cold. Potatoes
come in 3 groups: first earlies (small and tasty and ready by June or July);
second earlies (a bit bigger and ready over the Read More…

A photo of Climate Action Cheat Sheet

Four minute showers for the future!

Hi all! My name is Hanna and I’m a new volunteer with Transition. I was inspired recently after attending one of Transition’s “Climate Conversation” sessions. Climate Conversations is a group-facilitated discussion about climate change, and I highly recommend attending one! You can find out more here. During the Climate Conversation that I attended, one of the topics discussed was Read More…

Climate Change and Water

Climate change has manifest itself in many ways around the world, from record summer extreme temperatures, to the melting of the polar icecaps and glaciers, leading to sea level rises, which in turn threatens coastal cities and is leading to the disappearance of islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans like Kiribita (Gabbatiss, 2018) and the Maldives (Union of Concerned Scientists). With the meltRead More…


by Isabell Low, photo by Angela Saunders This summer,
I grew just for fun a row of Cosmic Purple carrots at the Edible Campus garden
at St Gregory’s.  The raised bed at St
Greg’s is particularly good for growing carrots as it is too high for pests to
reach.  I had a great crop: all
completely clean though a couple had forked due to lack of depth. Cosmic
Purple carrots tasRead More…