Opportunity for locals to contribute to Scottish climate change discussion

Members of the St Andrews community are being offered the chance to contribute to a local discussion on climate change at events organised by Transition UStA.

The Climate Conversations events will include a discussion about ways the local community can reduce the emissions that cause climate change, and prepare for a changing climate. Climate Conversations were originally initiated by the Scottish Government and feedback from the conversation will support the Scottish Government to develop a better understanding of what people feel about the actions needed to cope with climate change.

The Climate Conversation has been organised as part of Transition’s knowledge and skillshare initiatives and will be available for people to sign up in the near future. The project will provide the opportunity for locals to have an informal discussion about climate change as well as offer free support and resources which can help people make personal lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Further information is available at:www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/climateconversations