Sharing skills and knowledge is key to the Transition movement, which is aimed at localising economy. To build a more resilient community in the face of climate change, we need to address the fact that we have lost, or never learnt, many of the skills that such a shift would require. We support this through practical skillshares, from hedge laying to quilting; our annual Bioblitz, to teach about the biodiversity in St Andrews; and Living Labs which links research with practice.




 Skillshare is a Transition initiative encouraging the community to share simple skills. Please join our online community to receive regular updates on when the next skillshare event will take place.

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The BioBlitz

A BioBlitz is a 24-hour period of intense biological surveys conducted within a designated area. Beyond the scientific data gathered, these events are important opportunities for public engagement and encouragement of citizen science, allowing local people to engage with the biodiversity of their area and think about conservation.

Participants include students (from elementary school to postgraduates), volunteers, experts, scientists and anyone interested in nature and outdoor activities. The data gathered provides a baseline record that helps identify invasive species, and those that might be shifting their ranges north as a consequence of climate change.

Transition has been involved in organising the St Andrews BioBlitzes – supporting this prime opportunity to connect with the local environment, learn about the great biodiversity of St Andrews and spend time with other environmentally conscious individuals and organisations.

If you’d like to be involved in organising the annual Bioblitz, generally in June, please contact us at or join the facebook page.

2014 & 2015 Report

2016 Report & Bioblitz video


Living Labs

labsWe view our campus and town as a living laboratory, in which to explore the technological, environmental, economic and societal aspects of sustainability. As a living laboratory, University of St Andrews operational and academic staff as well as students and private, public and NGO partners use the University’s research capabilities to test, study, teach, apply and share learning. In essence, we study our own activities in order to advance sustainability scholarship in St Andrews and beyond.

Our research facilitator’s role is to offer a framework for collaboration between researchers, students, external stakeholders and operational staff (e.g. Estates and Procurement) to develop and monitor new technologies and services in real world settings. We have identified potential research projects which would be of value to enhancing sustainability practices at Transition, the university’s service units, and other community groups.

If you have ideas for doing research or developing an applied learning curriculum on the University or Transition University of St Andrews please contact Katherine at