A wide range of skills that were commonplace in the past have not been passed on, meaning that many people lack basic practical skills like gardening or food preservation. In industrial societies these skills have not been necessary, but it means that communities are more vulnerable to external shocks. Transition groups aim to address this loss of practical skills and offer reskilling opportunities, such as workshops in growing food, making cheese, baking or maintaining bicycles.

Skillshare is a Transition initiative encouraging the community to share simple skills. Community is at the heart of Transition, with the belief that creating happier, fairer and stronger communities will in turn support us to begin to build a more sustainable society. Please join our online community to receive regular updates on when the next skillshare event will take place.

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If you would like to offer a skill to share then please feel free to post in the group or email Tansy on tt39@st-andrews.ac.uk. If you have an idea of something you might like to learn, then please post it and we will see who we can find to help.
Skillshare workshops will be free and held at various locations around St Andrews. The workshops will be open to group members and to the general public, so feel free to bring friends along to the events. Although members will be encouraged to offer their skills, it is fine to just be a member and attend any workshops that interest you..
Skillshare ideas so far include – Bread making, low energy cooking, food preserving, mending and sowing, knitting, how to get the most out of your clothes, mindfulness and nature appreciation, laptop maintenance, low-carbon car use, foraging, permaculture, window box food growing, reducing energy consumption in the home, low impact cleaning products, keeping hens, going vegetarian or vegan, the list is endless… What could you offer?

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“It is to our own detriment that we underestimate the might of small and simple things.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich.