Get Involved!

Get Involved

Crazy about bikes? Adore e-cars? Walk-a-holic?

No matter what your passion, we have the opportunity for you!

Current Opportunities

‘Footfall’ Project Officer

To support and encourage all forms of travelling by foot. Devise publicity and create a hype about all foot-y goodness! Establish key contacts across town and work together to increase the modal share of walking, jogging and running. Contribute to the new University Travel Plan. Two hours/week.

bike Pool Maintenance Coordinator

Ensure tools, Bike Maintenance Kits and Cycle Repair Hubs are in working order, spaces are booked for maintenance sessions, and a steady flow of volunteers to our sessions.

Bike Pool Hire Coordinator

Coordinate hiring sessions, ensure our online database is kept up-to-date, organise the timely maintenance of our fleet, and a steady flow of volunteers.

E-Car Project Officer

Encourage membership and use of the St Andrews e-car club. Devise publicity and events to engage with members of the town and gown to take up the electric buzz. Follow up on the progress of expanding e-car charging points across town. Contribute to the new University Travel Plan. Also, where a car purchase is inevitable, encourage residents (and taxi drivers) to purchase electric vehicles. Two hours/week.

Carshare Project Officer

Encourage and support multiple-occupancy car travel through the re-launch of St Andrews Liftshare. Revise the parking situation across town, and collect data on modal share. Establish the key barriers to car-sharing and devise plans to overcome these. Contribute to the new University Travel Plan. Two hours/week.

Bus and Train Travel Officer

Devise publicity and gather the latest information on bus and train travel in St Andrews and beyond. Disseminate this information to residents, easing their access to up-to-date information. Liaise with Scotrail to explore the possibility of installing a ‘Bike and Go’ system at Leuchars station. Establish key contacts within Stagecoach, Moffat and Williamson and Flexibus. Take data on modal share in St Andrews, and analyse data collected from the student and staff travel surveys, to evaluate progress and tackle key areas. Two hours/week.

Events Officer

Love getting people hyped? Great at organisation? Like being in the spotlight? Organise and run sustainable transport events across St Andrews, enabling people to be the change they want to see in the world. We now have access to bicycle powered projection, smoothie makers, crazy light displays and more. You are only limited by your imagination (…and our budget). You choose what events you want to run. Multiple positions available, two hours/week.

Head of Video Production

Use your passion for the moving image for good! Support and encourage smarter travel through the production of promotional and informational videos, GIFs and animations. Three hours/week.

Social Media Guru

Keep our social media pages ticking over. Learn how to use Hootsuite, Canva, Publisher, and more. Blog, share, and post to your heart’s content! Two hours/week.

Extra information

All of the positions mentioned above are voluntary and the time commitment is advisory. If you show a good work ethic, references will be provided for all positions. There may also be training/professional development opportunities. Depending on the role and the funding situation, there may also be future paid opportunities.

Any questions?

Email Transition at to find out more.

We hope to see you on the team!