How to Use all those Potatoes

By Isabelle Low Lots of
potatoes being lifted this month in our Edible Campus gardens. To keep
them  fresh for as long as possible,
clean off as much soil as you can, and let them dry off completely.  Then store somewhere dry and dark and cold. Potatoes
come in 3 groups: first earlies (small and tasty and ready by June or July);
second earlies (a bit bigger and ready over the Read More…


by Isabell Low, photo by Angela Saunders This summer,
I grew just for fun a row of Cosmic Purple carrots at the Edible Campus garden
at St Gregory’s.  The raised bed at St
Greg’s is particularly good for growing carrots as it is too high for pests to
reach.  I had a great crop: all
completely clean though a couple had forked due to lack of depth. Cosmic
Purple carrots tasRead More…

Sign up Now for Food Growing Courses at the Kernel’s Urban Farm!

learn more about food production. There are regualar sessions everyweek and courses thoughout the year. Veg Growing Month by Month – Come along to this informal discussion on what you can do in your garden this month. This will include a detailed list of what crops to sow, harvest, specific things to look out for and certain tasks that can be done. If you have any lingering questions orRead More…

The Edible Campus in Winter

St Mary’s Garden in the winter Isabelle Low Edible
Campus volunteer As I write
this (at the end of January), there is still much to pick and enjoy in the 15
Edible Campus sites around St Andrews. 
The sheltered (mostly stone-walled) central gardens still have lettuce
and rocket and spinach growing well despite the recent cold weather.   A surprise bonus yesterday was to piRead More…

ToolShare logo

Join the Tool Pool!

After several months establishing a tool base, which involved purchasing, coding, cataloguing, marking, securing, insurance and uploading to MyTurn, the tool library is now up and running! We are now looking for new members, so if you need to borrow a tool, first look and see what we have to offer and don’t go rushing out to buy the item. For only £15 a year (or what you can afford), you can bRead More…

New Communications job with Transition

Transition UStA is looking for a part-time Carbon Communications worker to join the staff team. This 1 day a week post will work across our Climate Challenge Funded projects to create engaging and targeted media. The post holder will be familliar with creating content for social media and also developing printed media campaigns. They will also have a good understanding of marketing techniques in oRead More…

Focus on: Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group

The Young Leaders Development Programme By Lara Fahey, Transition’s Sustainable Transport Officer Last month I went to one of the 2050 Climate Group’s conferences in Edinburgh. The subject this time was politics, and how we can influence politicians to take action on climate change. We heard from many inspiring speakers including those that attended the COP 23 summit in Bonn late last year, Read More…

Exciting opportunity to learn more about permaculture in St Andrews!

Permaculture is a holistic design system for sustainable living, creating systems for minimum effort and maximum effect. It is a design system based on ethics and principles deduced from observing nature. Many Transition Town groups, like ours in St Andrews, have strong links to permaculture principals so we are keen to widen the knowledge and experience held in St Andrews by running this shortRead More…

Students using a hammer

ToolShare has Launched!

ToolShare has launched! Sharing Economy Transition University of St Andrews is a group that supports sustainability within the St Andrews community through education and activities. Part of this is through creating a sharing economy, where goods are borrowed by the community when they are needed instead of being bought by individuals who may only use them once or twice. There are already some grRead More…