By Foot

Walking, Jogging, Running

Whether walking, jogging or running, going around on foot is great. Time spent outdoors in the cool Scottish air is invigorating for the mind, body and soul. You will also help the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. You can travel by foot as part of a daily commute, a trip to the shops or as a leisure-time activity. It can be an activity completed multiple times a week or once in a while. There is minimal equipment or cost requirements to walk, jog or run. The freedom this allows is one of its many benefits.

If this hasn’t yet inspired you to pop on your trainers and bounce outside, there are multiple websites explaining the many benefits walking, jogging and running (blog) bring. Just click on the hyperlinks to find out more!

New to walking or running? Here are some walking and running tips from the National Health Service (NHS) to get you started.

Want to set a goal? You could try out the Couch to 5k.

Local Route Inspiration

New to the area? Want to explore? Here are a few walking and running routes to get you started.

Check out the St Andrews Interactive Walking and Cycling Map.

Walk, jog or run over the Fife Coastal Path. Some other good walks include those listed here.

A selection of running routes in and around St Andrews. Another good site is here.


Walking, Jogging and/or Running Groups


Wee Walk Once A Week

Open to all University staff and students, this group organises a short walk in the town once a week. For more information, please see the St Andrews WWOW website.


The University of St Andrews Hillwalking Club. For more information, please see their website or Facebook group.

Post-graduate and Staff Hiking Group

The University of St Andrews Post-Graduate and Staff Hiking Group. Please see the Facebook group for further details.

St Andrews Park Run

A timed, 5km run every Saturday morning at Craigtoun Country Park. Please see their website for further details.

St Andrews Adventure Running Team

For more information, please see this news article.


This is only the beginning. More inspiration is only a quick Google search away!