Pedal Power!


The St Andrews Bike Pool is all about getting more people cycling in St Andrews. As a community group we are open to university students, staff and local residents.

There are four key areas to this project:

1) We support people to become self-sufficient at fixing and maintaining bikes.

2) We refurbish abandoned/donated bicycles to stop them from going to landfill.

3) We rent out bikes and suppport people with upkeep. This also helps reduce the number of bikes getting abandoned.

4) We promote cycling in St Andrews as a healthy and greener way of travelling. We organise led rides, cycle training and inform the St Andrews Bike User Group with ideas to improve cycling infrastructure.

How to Get Involved

Rent a Bike

Check out our online library of Bikes on MyTurn. It is also where you can find the tools, gadgets and gizmos you can borrown from Tool Share.

Set up an account before a rental event to speed up the process.


Bike Pool Fix It Sessions

Bikes treated with love are always the best to cycle!

Our Fix It Sessions pop up all over town at halls of residence, the Cosmos Centre or the Kernel.

Your bike doesn’t need to be rented from us. Just bring it along and one of our mechanics or volunteers will help you out.

Check out the events below for updates.


You don’t need to experienced, just enthusiastic and willing to learn!

You can join the team every Thursday or volunteer at the Bike Pool Fix It Sessions. You can sign up for these on here.

Volunteer Sign Ups

For more updates head on over to our facebook group.

Learn to Fix Bikes

Each year we train up to 15 people to be competent bike mechanics. Some even up to the level of Silver Velotech.

Learn the basics now for £15. Sign up for the next course 23/02/20.

Basic Bike Maintenance Sign Up

Get £5 off when you help out at our Bikepool Fix it sessions.

Velotech courses are more advanced and costly. If you prove to be dedicated though, we may be able to help you acheive these.

Learn to Cycle

Want to be a cyclist but never learnt? Contact us and we can organise a group session.

The lesson plan is based on the nation-wide cycle training programme, Bikeability.

Join a Led Ride

Cycling on the roads is all about confidence. Our led rides are there to help you gain that confidence!

We have organised led rides as far Tentsmuir. Contact us to ask about these!

Upcoming Events

Get in Touch

Bike Pool is one of our biggest projects so we have a few folk all working on it. Check out our facebook group or email the team.