St Andrews Bike Pool

The St Andrews Bike Pool is a community group open to University students, staff and local residents that aims to get more people in St Andrews cycling.

We have a three-part program:
1) To operate as a skill-share, primarily of bike repair and maintenance skills. For details of events and volunteering opportunities, please see our Facebook page.

2) To refurbish abandoned/donated bicycles so they can be put back into circulation in the local community through a rental scheme.

3) To promote cycling within our community as a healthy and sustainable form of transportation through led rides, cycle training and supporting the St Andrews Bike User Group to create and improve cycling infrastructure.


Bike Pool Sessions 2018

Our Bike Pool maintenance sessions occur approximately twice a week during term-time. Bring your bike along if you have a problem, or just have it checked over by Bike Pool volunteers. We’ll have regular service items (cables, chains, brake blocks, etc.) for sale; if you think you need something in particular, please contact Jim at Cyclepath so we can get it for you. We’ll also have a range of accessories – lights, helmets, locks, reflective vests – to keep you safe 🙂

If you would like to find out more about training opportunities and/or how you might be able to get more involved, please do not hesitate to contact Transition at We are always looking for more volunteers; the more people that help out, the quicker bikes can be fixed!

Please check the Cycling in St Andrews Facebook Page ‘events’ tab for our live list as some sessions may change.

Happy cycling!