Ecological Projects officer – post open

Here is an exciting short term post / job share in the University Environment Team! Closing date 3rd Feb 2020 The St Andrews Green Corridors project aims to enhance the two main wildlife corridors of St Andrews, the Kinnessburn and Swilken Burn, whilst tackling invasive species. This post will lead on the planning, design and creation of environmental enhancements that meet aims of the UniversRead More…

The Plastic Dilemma

We all try to do our bit for the planet, so when it comes to household plastic, we religiously wash out our milk and other containers and put them in the green Fife Council wheelie bin, safe in the knowledge that it will be responsibly recycled. Wrong! After importing more than 45% of the world’s waste plastic, China stated that it had enough of its own plastic mountain, so was not going to impRead More…

A group photo with Geoff Squires at the farm

Farming for the zero carbon future – a visit at James Hutton Institute

Today we heard from Climate Change Commission that UK must cut land use emissions by two thirds to meet our goal of zero carbon by 2050. There has been much talk about planting trees to achieve this, but low carbon farming and taking care of our soils is expected to account for as much as 23% of those savings. You can probably imagine what planting more trees would look like, but low carbRead More…

What to Eat Now – January

Are you
doing Veganuary?  Good for you! A few
suggestions.  On a vegan diet, it’s
really important to make sure that you eat a balance of 50% vegetables and
fruit, 25% protein (beans or nuts) and 25% good carbohydrates (wholemeal rice or
wholemeal pasta) plus a bit of oils (olive is best). Please
consider carefully before you buy out of season or exotic plants which have
beRead More…

Annual temperature increase since 1884 in Scotland

Green new year resolutions from the Transition team

Climate change-driven fires burning up Australia, biblical floods in Indonesia, and the hottest decade on record worldwide…2020 is not even one month old and the news headlines are already sounding alarm bells about the climate crisis unfolding around us. Words from the 2018 IPCC report, still ringing in our ears, feel even more urgent just now: we only have until 2030, 10 years away, to fuRead More…

Scotland’s green future? Renewables versus oil and gas

Scotland is famed for many things which include golf, castles, grouse moors, salmon, whisky, clans, haggis, tartan, bagpipes, green energy and, yes, oil and gas. All of these contribute to the national economy in a variety of ways, but with the Climate Emergency, the last two mentioned, oil and gas, are coming under the spotlight more critically. From the 1800’s Scotland’s coal industry was eRead More…