New Post: Campus Cycling Officer!

The Transition team is expanding with a new post, Campus Cycling Officer, opening up. We’re glad to be working with Cycling Scotland and Bright Green Business to offer a 43 week position under the Environmental Placement Programme, which will officially start in August 2018.

Under this role the Cycling Officer will set out to investigate opportunities for promoting cycling within the University of St Andrews’ new Eden Campus in Guardbridge. They will establish programs that will encourage staff and visitors to cycle to the site as a main means of commute.

The main project for the new Cycling Officer, with its emphasis on staff moving to Eden Campus and updating the the University’s Cycle Strategy, will look to:

1. Encouraging confidence in cycling as a mode of commute
2. Working on ensuring cycle safety, training and bike maintenance
3. Planning and initiating the enhancement of a cycle network focused around the Eden Campus project

To apply for this position follow the link,

Deadline for applications ends 22nd of July 2018. Please get in touch with us though if you would like to discuss the role. There is some flexibility in hours which can be discussed