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Has the World enough resources to sustain the current population growth? Can World agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and forestry sustain burgeoning populations without habitat destruction, deforestation or species/biodiversity loss?

In the late 18th century Thomas Malthus wrote ‘The power of the population is so superior to the power of the Earth to produce substance for man, that premature death …

Transition UStA

As a not-for-profit we run on the funding support of the University fo St Andrews and the Climate Challenge Fund, for example. If you too would like to support our work then feel free! Everything goes back into the projects we run, the services we provide and the services we manage - all in the aim to build a sense of community around climate action. Our donations are processed through, a platform that supports charities, fundraisers and appeals.
  • £10 – Pays for enough seeds for a small community garden.

  • £30 – Funds a bike mechanic to teach people how to maintain their bikes.

  • £100 – One solar panel that will provide over £300 of income and save 3tCO2e per year.